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Recycling Great Sports Memories!

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Recycling Great Sports Memories!

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All-Star Quilts Ordering Instructions

Quilts made from your Sports Jerseys or T-shirts

All-star Jersey and T-shirt Quilt Ordering Information

Pricing is for a completely finished jersey/t-shirt quilt. I provide

all material land labor – everything but the apparel. All you need to do is drop off your shirts to me, along with this order form, and I will turn them into a beautiful quilt!

Your shirts should be laundered, pre-shrunk, and in good condition. Because of the variation of fabric content of your apparel, we recommend dry cleaning to prevent uneven shrinkage. Stains or discolorations will show up on your quilt. I need the entire jersey/t-shirt intact – please do not cut them yourself – if a shirt is cut too small, I may not be able to use it. I will return any whole t-shirts that cannot be used. Remember that faded, worn apparel (especially t-shirts) are not as attractive in a quilt as ones that are bright and nice. Additional patches can be applied at a cost of $5.00/patch (removal and reattachment).

All quilts will have a contrasting fabric border (approximately ¼” wide) around the perimeter of the sewn quilt squares, as well as a wider 4- 5”solid color fabric border and backing. All fabrics used are cotton/poly to reduce shrinkage. Colors will be determined based on coordinating apparel colors and fabric availability. Brass grommets are used as ties between the 14” squares, so as decorative ribbons or laces can be added or removed as wished. Recommended washing is in cold water, short (10 minute) cool dryer fluff, and then air dried.

The finished quilt can be ordered in 5 sizes:

  • Baby quilt size – approximately 38” X 38” (4 squares needed) $125.00
  • Stadium quilt size – approximately 65” X 65” (16 squares needed) $299.00
  • Twin quilt size – approximately 65” X 79” (20 squares needed) $325.00
  • Full quilt size – approximately 79” X 79” (25 squares needed) $375.00
  • Queen quilt size – approximately 93’ X 93” (36 squares needed) $450.00
  • Additional patch removal/reattachment $5.00/patch
  • Nameplate Creation $10.00

Remember – depending on the t-shirt/jersey, both front and back of the apparel can be used for the quilt squares. With large jerseys, such as from hockey, the upper sleeves may also be an interesting choice (especially if they have decorative patches and only if they lie flat). You don’t necessarily need the same number of shirts as the number of quilt squares! Of course, a variety of brighter fabric color choices makes a better product.

Please give pre-holiday orders at least 8 weeks lead time. Approximate completion date will be determined at time of order, but this date is approximate and is based on time of year, and backlog of items in production.

Graduation/Christmas seasons are particulary busy – schedule early!

Thank you for your order! We know you’ll enjoy your one of a kind, memorable All-Star Quilt for years to come!

Sports Quilts and T-shirt Quilts made for Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Field Hockey, Softball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Football, Track – the list is endless!

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